Equipped with changeable angle AUTO-AIRCHUCK adapter.

  • Innovative auto securing design to ensure simple and robust valve connection without any leakage.
  • High pressure pop-out prevention to ensure operational safety.
  • The air chuck can rotate 360 degrees for better operational flexibility.
  • Adjustable airchuck angle makes it adaptable to various functions, especially connecting with the inner and outer valves of truck tires.
  • The auto clamping function of air chuck enables users to inflate tires without staying within the dangerous inflation zone. This help to ensure a safe inflation process and prevent the risks of the tire exploding.
  • Three-stage control of pressure measuring, inflation and deflating.
Part No.AdaptergaugeHoseInlet size
A304AAngle3.5″-160psi12″1/4 PT
A304BAngle3.5″-160psi12″1/4 NPT